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Intra Uterine Devices

The Intrauterine device – IUD is a small T shaped plastic device, which is placed inside the womb, to prevent a pregnancy.It is a form of reversible contraception.It is also commonly referred to as the coil / loop/ copper T/ or IUCD – intrauterine contraceptive device/ intrauterine copper device IUDs are about 98 per cent effective. The IUCD’s have a life of three to five years after insertion. The silver containing IUD has a life of 10 years once inserted. They have to be inserted by a qualified / trained doctor.

It is a good method for spacing and therefore is a great option for those women who have one child and want to space the other. It is also ideal for women who have completed child bearing but do not want permanent contraception. It is best avoided in women who have pelvic infection/ STD / unexplained vaginal bleeding / heart valve problems / an allergy to copper/ are at high risk of ectopic pregnancy or have had one.

It is best inserted when the period is just finishing, but it can be inserted all through the first half of the menstrual cycle and up to 5 days post ovulation. The procedure for insertion requires about 5 minutes and is easily done in the consulting room. The contraceptive action starts immediately.

After insertion one will need check up once after the next period and then once a year till the it is time for the IUD to be changed or the woman wants an another pregnancy. When an IUD is inserted after the age of 40 years then it can remain inside till menopause irrespective of its life. The IUD has to be removed by the doctor and it is a two minute procedure easily done in the clinic. If the IUD needs to be changed then it can be done at the same time. If you want to switch to nanother method then that should be started 7 days before removing the IUD.