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Unwanted Pregnancy (Abortion) Injectables

It is appropriately said that every child should be a wanted child. Sometimes a pregnancy may not be wanted. In this case one may seek an abortion. Abortion is legal provided it is carried out within the legal permits. An abortion can be done only up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Under the terms of the abortion act, doctors can agree to an abortion if they believe one or more of the following:
1. Continuing with the pregnancy would involve more risk to your physical or mental health than terminating it.
2. Continuing with the pregnancy would involve greater risk to your life than terminating it.
3. Any existing children of yours were likely to suffer if the pregnancy continued.
4. There is a substantial risk that the child would be deformed or seriously handicapped.

If one desires a termination of pregnancy then one should seek an abortion as early as possible as earlier it is done in the pregnancy safer it is.

The method of termination will depend on the weeks of gestation.

When the pregnancy is
1. < 7 weeks – abortion can be done with just tablets. The tablets are safe effective and have a success rate of more than 90 %. The advantages are that the patient does not need any admission, anesthesia, any instrumentation of the uterus.
2. 7 – 12 weeks – then abortion is a simple procedure. It is done under an anesthetic in a day care center that is certified for abortion services. The patient is able to go home in a few hours.
3. 12 – 20 weeks – the procedure is a little lengthy and one may need to stay overnight in the hospital.