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Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a condition when pregnancy starts to grow outside the uterus. Normally sperm and egg meet in fallopian tube & when pregnancy takes place & start growing it moves into uterus & grows there. Rarely pregnancy does not move into uterus & start growing outside uterus ie in tube, ovary or abdomen & that is called ectopic pregnancy. This is an emergency situation, when the pregnancy grows in tube, tube cannot accomodate the pregnancy and can burst leading to pain, internal bleeding.

Symptoms :  Asymptomatic
  :  Irregular spotting or scanty period
  :  Pain in lower abdomen
  :  Fainting episode
  :  Sometime women comes in collapsed state
Risk Factor :  Age above 40
  :  Ectopic pregnancy in past
  :  PID or tuberculosis involving tube
  :  Surgery of tube
  :  Assisted reproducive technique
Treatment :  Small pregnancy prior to rupture of tube & if General condition of Female is good can be managed medically.
  :  Large ectopic, Rupture tube or poor general condition of female or failed medical managment requires surgery.