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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage is very distressing condition. It is defined as loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Loss of pregnancy before 12 weeks is called Early abortion & Loss of pregnancy after 12 weeks but before 20 weeks is called late abortion. When a female has 3 consecutive pregnancy loss it is called Recurrent Pregnancy Loss.

Common Factors causing recurrent pregnancy loss are
1) Age - Older you are greater your risk of having pregnancy loss.
2) Medical disorder like thyroid & diabetes.
3) Syndromes such as antiphos pholipid syndrome & thrombophillia are not very common condition but are important cause of recurrent pregnancy loss.
4) One of the partner having any genetic defect.
5) Defect in shape of the uterus such as septum, arcuate or bicomuate uterus.
6) Weak or incompetent cervix.
7) Obesity, excessive smoking, alcohol or caffine are also known factor for recurrent pregnancy loss.

Various treatment option availble are
  a) low dose aspirin & heparin for antiphopholipid syndrome
  b) cervical OS tightening for weak cervix
  c) hysteroscopic surgery for correcting defect in shape of uterus
  d) Progesterone & HCG Injection