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Some Tips for Your Labour

Use breathing techniques to ease the pain of labour.
Do fingertip massage during your contractions. You or your partner can place the fingertips of both hands on the basal portion of your abdomen. With light pressure, bring your hands upward towards the top of your abdomen and then downward and outward to place where you began. Draw circles on your abdomen for the duration of the contraction.
During a contraction, focus your eyes on some object or spot that can help deflect your attention away from your contraction. Alternatively, you could keep your eyes closed during contraction.
Since all pains are not labour pains, you must differentiate between ”true” and ”false” labour pains. True labour pains will come at regular intervals and steadily increase in intensity. They may be accompanied by with blood. On the other hand, with “false” labour pains, the frequency of contractions will be irregular. False labour pains will not get progressively stronger, but may in fact, weaken and disappear for a while, particularly if you move around.
- : Consult your doctor before starting any exercise programme : -